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Threads of Connection - Brett Band of Paceracer Watches

A few weeks ago, we linked up with our good mate Brett Band – the skating extraordinaire and the creator of Paceracer watches. A classic watch brand proudly made in New Zealand and carving its niche in the watch game. Settle in for a chat about Paceracer's ride and his passion about skateboarding! What does a typical day look like for you at the moment?  On a typical day I'll drive to VIC park market, get through a couple of coffees around 8, walk Whittaker..but other than that it differs a lot.  The other day was programming a CNC mill to modify a watch case, it was cutting away 0.3mm & cutting 0.2mm deep. That was really intense because the...

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Threads of Connection - Simon Thorp of Young Guns Skate School

  We caught up with our good friend and long time VIC fam, Simon Thorp. With finesse both on and off the skateboard, it comes as no surprise that he holds the prestigious title of "Your favourite NZSOTY's favourite NZSOTY."  Simon has been the driving force behind Young Guns Skate School since its inception in 2010. Recently they've hit a massive milestone of over 5000 classes!  We chat with the man himself about his love for the game and how he's inspiring the next generation of skaters through Young Guns Skate School. Enjoy :)   Can you describe a typical day in the life of a skate school owner?  Ok here’s what people think I do each day: Wake up 11am, go...

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